Zonder actieve leden gebeurt er natuurlijk niet zo veel bij een sportvereniging. Gelukkig hebben we die wel bij de Gladiators! Zij kunnen plaatsnemen in de onderstaande commissies. Bij deze een introductie van een aantal gezellige commissies!


GIRLPOWER probably is the word that best describes this year’s accie. First up in the quartett of amazing women we have Ilse our chairwoman. You might know her as the queen of karaoke but this girl is not only fun and sparkles she also is the one who makes sure we all fulfill our duties! It is her job to make sure things are running smoothly and lead us through the meetings. As a true leader she is also captain of team 2 and therefore knows how to get everyone to do their job. Next up is Rochelle – as our treasurer she takes care of the gold! The fact that she knows about all the good discounts on wine and ice cream shows that the truly is able to handle our budget well. She doesn’t only have the strength of holding us back from buying unnecessary shit but she also is going strong on ideas for activities. Completing our quartett are Eva and Laura who share the function of the secretary. Eva is like a bouncy ball – always active and blessed with a crazy amounf of energy. She loves animals, that’s why she sometimes is vegan but even more than that she loves dress up parties. Last but not least we have Laura who almost always is in a good mood. If she is not as happy as usual, this usually due to her being hungry. She loves to work out but even more than that she loves to eat. Looking at the minutes, one can tell that she loves to include every little detail being mentioned during the meeting.

And what about promo you might ask yourself? If you have seen us before, you know we are all motivating hype girls so that’s why we share this function.

Now there is only one thing left to say:
We are looking forward to organize loads of activities for you this year.
Lots of love – your accie girls


Hi everyone! We are this year’s introcie!

This year, our job is to represent the gladiators during the introductory periods this year. This means that we will be present at the keiweek and ESN week to introduce the wonderful sport of lacrosse to the new students of Groningen.

Of course, for the new members we will be organizing the intro period. To introduce the old and new members to each other during the first three weeks, we will make sure there are dinners, social drinks and other fun activities to attend, with of course the barbecue at the end.

See you at ESN and KEI!

The introcie


Hey everyone, we are the PR-Cie, and we’ll be making sure the club gets the promotion it deserves! This is us: We elected our youngest member as president
– what could go wrong. Miryam is 18 and ready to conquer the world of lacrosse. She adores her three cats Pip, Daan and Katja back home in Dronten but she also loves hanging out at Tram13 in Groningen and getting some drinks with Ganymedes. She has neutral feelings towards pineapple on pizza and her favorite pokémon is Squirtle wearing sunglasses. After being thrown out of the kickboxing ring one too many times, our treasurer Mare has decided to give lacrosse a try. She is a firm believer that it is easier to fight 100 duck-sized horses than a horse-sized duck, and that cereal is not soup since it is eaten cold. She used to be able to say the alphabet backwards and prefers riding giraffes to donkeys. Our instagram boss this year is Sandra – be careful, she went to school at a military base. If she’s not drinking a chai latte at Café Zondag she is probably hotboxing a tent in an abandoned shooting gallery. She can drop the splits, has mastered playing riptide on the ukulele, doesn’t like bacon and would rather have a shark than a dog or cat.
Head of posters, stickers and anything else is Esther. Her studies in biology and medical research make her an
ideal partner in a zombie apocalypse and her weapon of choice would be a baseball bat. One day she wants to ride a pegasus in Iceland, although she would settle for a horse too. She got bored of handball but wouldn’t quit lacrosse unless she finds out she’s horrible at it.
Marty our secretary, dedicated his studies to the science of the environment however hates birds after a
traumatizing encounter in his youth involving many seagulls and one Marty. Loves his soup soft and his
spaghetti crunchy and only eats melted bananas, but we love him very much. However Marty would never
leave our home planet since he feels we need to take care of it since we will just ruin every other planet as
well, spoken like a true environmental scientist.

Lots of love,

The PR-cie


Dear Gladiators,

We are excited to introduce you this year’s GalaCie and our agendas for the gala this year. This year, we aim to organise a gala that people will cherish, a gala that will become the highlight of our Gladiators! A moment that we can savour together!

On the GalaCie this year, we have Eva, Ilse, and Marty. Eva is the secretary, Ilse is the chairman, and Marty is the treasurer. Fortunately, we have the best party planner among our Gladiatos, Ilse! Ilse’s passion for organizing events is unfathomable! Ilse will personally make sure every gladiator will have a wonderful time! Furthermore, Eva’s hospitality will warm everyone’s heart. She’s kind and fun, and will add a little German flavour to this committee. And lastly, we have Marty on our team who will help Ilse and Eva to achieve our goals for this year’s gala. We strive to have a gala that will exceed the ones from previous years.

Best regards,

From your GalaCie committee


Hi everybody!
You know what they say: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush; we have such enthusiastic youth players that the number does not matter (although more enthusiastic members are always welcome)! The first of November our team went to Amersfoort to practice with
the youth of Amsterdam and Amersfoort and because of Halloween most of the players were dressed up! The training was amazing, and all of the players enjoyed it. We are also looking forward to our fist
gameday: November 17 th we will travel again to Amersfoort. If you are in the neighbourhood (or not), just stop by and support the future! Trainings are every Tuesday from 19:00 to 20:30, we could always use more players and the youth love it when the ‘grownups’ play with them. So, grab your stick and mouth guard, and move that ass over to Sportspark ‘De Parrel’! Since last month we completed the committee: we are now with the four of us (Marty, Carolina, Lianne and Leanne) and we will try to organize the very first youth
gameday in Groningen, recruit more youth players but our main goal is to keep the members enthusiastic and have
fun with them this season.

The YouthCie


Hey everyone,
We are Miryam and Joris, the material committee, for this year. We will make sure that the material in the container will stay organized and keep inventory. Besides that we will repair broken sticks, goals or other club gear that we need so that everybody can play lacrosse. We can also help you out if you want to borrow some of the material.