Vertrouwenspersonen & klachtencommissie

For any complaint about the club, the board or a clubmember you can contact the complaint committee. Below you will find how the complaintcommittee will process your complaint. For issues about harrasment, intimidation or other kinds of behaviour within the club which makes you uncomfortable, you can contact the either one of our two trustcontactpersons. Below you will find how they handle your case.

Complaint committee

This year a new committee was introduced: the complaint committee. Even though our club is very
harmonious, a situation can occur in which you might feel uncomfortable. If that’s the case we,
Fabian Verduyn and Ellen van Goor, can help you solve this problem. Below you will find a small
summary of the procedure. For more information look at:

  1. Protocol VCP (dutch)
  2. Algemene Klachtenregeling Lacrosse Groningen 2018 (dutch)

Summary complaint procedure:

1. If at any time a situation occurs where you feel uncomfortable within any club-related
activity (e.g. practice, drink), send a written complaint to:
2. The written complaint should contain:
a. Name of the person(s) the complaint is about
b. The time and place of the incident
c. Short description of the incident
d. Description of what has already been done about the situation
3. The complaint committee will meet both you and the person the complaint is about to hear
both sides of the story.
4. Taking both sides of the story into consideration, the complaint committee will give advice to
the board.
5. The board will decide on the consequences for both parties.
6. If at any moment a boardmember or complaint committee member is involved in the
incident, this person will be replaced by another member of the club.

Jorrit Grob

As a confidant I work as part of the support system within our association, by providing a reliable and responsible outlet for any and all issues that members prefer not to share openly, either face to face or via my email:

Also reachable via:

See you on the field,


Dina Boer

Hi! I’m Dina, the confidant for the ladies of the Groningen Gladiators. After trying the ACLO course last year I decided to become a member of the Gladiators in September 2019. Although I am still quite new, I have quickly felt at home in our club due to the friendly and easygoing ambiance. However, if at any point, for any reason, you may not feel completely comfortable within our club, you can always contact me personally or through one of the email addresses below.

Whatever you go through will remain confidential and together we will find the best solution.

My e-mail(s):

Also reachable via: