Privacy policy

In the following document it is stated how we treat and process private information. The responsible board does all it can in its power to protect personal information:

  1.  Privacyverklaring LGG (dutch)

Bylaws and Statutes 

  1. Huishoudelijk Reglement Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators d.d. 3 november 2019 (dutch)
  2. Statuten Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators (dutch)

Corona protocol

    1. ALCO corona protocol
    2. Gladiators Corona protocol

GMA 18th of February 2021

  1. Secretarial half year report LGG 2020-2021
  2. Speerpunten LGG 2020-2021


Are you interested in becoming a member? Awesome! Just print out this form and hand it on to one of our board members or place it in our mailbox at the ACLO.

  1. Membershipform Lacrosse Groningen

Complaint committee and trust committee
For any complaint about the club, the board or a club member you can send an email to:  Below you will find how the complaint committee will process your complaint. For issues about harassment, intimidation or other kinds of behaviour within the club which makes you uncomfortable, you can contact the trust committee. Below you will find how they will handle your case.

  1. Protocol VCP (dutch)
  2. Algemene Klachtenregeling Lacrosse Groningen 2018 (dutch)

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