Fysiotherapie Noorderbad

Fysiotherapie Noorderbad is a group of enthusiastic physiotherapists in Groningen, each of them with their own specialization. They stand for high quality, accessible
care, and always focus on giving each of their patients personal attention. They use many modern techniques ranging from manual therapy and dry-needling all the way to e-health. We are proud to say that Fysiotherapie Noorderbad is our go-to physio and partner when it comes to sports-related injuries.


Sportpodologie Henk Jager

Henk Jager makes special soles for sport. If you experience instability during training or in general, Henk Jager’s soles may be the solution. He makes sure that you can continue playing lacrosse while minimizing risk of injury. Check out his website for more info:


DressMe Clothing

DressMe is a clothing store for students. They print and embroid clothes for a very small price. Everything from shirts and hoodies to sportpants and jackets and more! As Gladiators we are very happy about the quality of the products. Gladiator members also receive 10% off for their purchases!


Proeflokaal Hooghoudt

Proeflokaal Hooghoudt is our Friday afternoon retreat and a overall great
place to hang out and play some board games. All coming VriMiBo’s (Friday
afternoon drinks) this year will be at Proeflokaal Hooghoudt. Don’t be hesitant
to come on over and play some games with us and enjoy all kinds of beers.
10% of what you spend go directly back to the club! Their adres is gedempte
zuiderdiep 61.


De Brouwerij

De Brouwerij has been our faithful sponsor for some time now and our drinks,
as you probably know, have always been in de Brouwerij. It seems therefore
fitting to mention them once more in the newsletter. Don’t forget that our
monthly drinks are in the Brouwerij (mostly) on the first Thursday of the
month. And the beer only costs €1.20 for Gladiators!


PC Brains

PC Brains is a starting computer repair shop that fixes anything from a TV to a
phone. They gladly come by your home to pick up that which needs fixing. Visit their website to make an appointment.



Wanneer was het voor jou de laatste keer? Gebitsproblemen kunnen zonder klachten ontstaan. Ons advies is om ieder half jaar je gebit te laten controleren om problemen te voorkomen. Studentist is een tandartspraktijk gericht op studenten. We zijn een jong team met in Groningen afgestudeerde tandartsen. Wij hechten veel waarde aan laagdrempelige en transparante communicatie. Via onze website kan je gemakkelijk online een afspraak bij ons inplannen: www.studentist.nl/tandarts-groningen