Without our members not a lot would be happening within the club. Luckily we can count on a great group of people every year to organise activities for our members. These committees will introduce themselves below.


Hello everyone, at AcCie we hope that despite the situation we will be able to bring you the best events that we can to keep you entertained and connected. We will try to be as creative as we can to come up with original events as well as adaptations of traditional yearly events. We will do our best to accomplish this and hope that we make quarantine a little more fun !

Jessi, Pleun, Rochelle and Thibault


Hey everyone,

We are the IntroCie for this year, and we’ll be working hard to bring lots of people to this awesome community and sport, both new and experienced!

We have a fantastic team of five who you can reach out to
any time during the year for a chat. Ola, our chairman, is a
self-dubbed ‘city hippie’ who loves to cook, and enjoys a good
cuppa. Despite missing the cold Atlantic waves of her home
in Ireland, you will still find her swimming at Stadsstrand in
the dead of winter, and she welcomes you to join her! Ritten
is this years treasurer for the IntroCie. Besides rowing and
playing lacrosse in his spare time, he actually gets paid to throw pumpkins and zucchinis around (its more fun then it might sound). His study is on how to take over the world using computers, but he is a firm believer that both humans and computers can coexist. Eva is our secretary. She has studied psychology for one year now. Besides that she loves cats and can be found in the cat cafe lots of times to serve you a good cup of tea or coffee. You can wake her up in the middle of the night for some tiramisu and she is always in for a night with games and cocktails! Ella and Julia round up the team. Julia is in her first year of Media Studies, but that won’t hold her back from being an indispensable member of the Gladiators. She’s a lover of chocolate pepernoten, and her clumsy, chaotic nature will always put a smile on your face. Ella is our resident law student, so be careful not get on her bad side!. She spends her free time with friends, reading, watching movies and obviously Lacrosse! She also loves animals, her favourite of which is the rat, which is an incredibly compassionate and intelligent animal and all in all very much underrated.

We look forward to (hopefully!) seeing you at an open training, online event, ESN week or KEI-week in the coming year, and having fun together at the introperiod barbecue!

The IntroCie


Hi! We are the Pr-team:

This time we selected a president who believes she could easily join the men’s practice with her 10 years experience in judo and hockey. After Danoumée moved to Groningen, she felt like doing something else. She loves people, being creative and talking (very fast). Consequently, a hidden (but probably not suprising) talent of her is rapping along to Rap God from Eminem. She firmly believes in putting on at least 30 blankets before even thinking about turning on the heater. One thing on her bucketlist is learning how to properly play the guitar, drums and piano. Lets just say she’s getting there.

After really loving being in the prcie last year Mare decided to rejoin, and once again will be our treasurer. A choice mostly made since it was not a lot of work last year, so should be great this year as well. Having no skill in anything pr related, her goal this year is to actually contribute in creating something. Besides studying really hard to graduate this year and playing lacrosse of course, Mare is busy with many other things even though this year was supposed to be quite chilled, which it is not turning out to be.

Our new secretary Lotje choose to try out playing lacrosse after playing soccer for a while. Trying new things out is something she loves to do. For example she loves to try out new food/recipes (except she doesn’t like stamppot…), trying to be creative, trying out living in Spain, trying out new (board)games, trying out every party just to check if it’s fun, ect! When she’s not trying out new things, she’s just wraped up in a blanket watching bad romcoms or an intriging murder case documentary with a cup of coffee. Or… maybe she grabs a few beers at a bar with her friends. Or she is ofcourse doing something for her study to become a teacher (important detail)!!!

Melanie is happy to be able to join the PR-Cie this year to help spread the news about the gladiators! Some of her favorite things to do apart from lacrosse are yoga, meeting new people (although she can never remember a single name) and experiencing new cultures. Though so far she only can say “lekker” and “proost”, she hopes that with enough duolingo she can learn some More Dutch 🙂


Hey everyone, this years FeestCie is formed by Cornelie, Max, Oscar and Diego. Our goal is to organize our yearly gala and this year, the special event of the opening party for our club house and make sure that you guys have a really fun and memorable night. As it happens to be the party committee we are also filled with people that love to party and ensure this year’s events to be special ones.


De Materiaalcommissie,
De vraag vanuit het bestuur kwam om een korte omschrijving te geven van de activiteiten die deze prachtige commissie onderneemt. De Materiaalcommissie is niet te omschrijven in een aantal activiteiten, het is een manier van leven. Als we dan toch deze ietwat mysterieuze commissie zouden moeten omschrijven in activiteiten zouden dat de volgende zijn: het her-stringen van wat bijna kapotte clubsticks, het opnieuw inruimen van de container of het weggooien van gear die als jaarlijks hoogtepunt heeft het uit de container gaan voor de grote

schoonmaak om vervolgens weer op dezelfde plank terug te komen. Daarnaast proberen we een excel sheet bij te houden over welke clubgear bij leden thuisligt en de borg die daar bij hoort. Dus heb je gear, let us know!




Hey everybody!
On the picture above you can see Carolina and Marty after a successful Halloween practice with the youth. The three of us together form the jeugdCie or youth commission. Three? That’s right, we have a free spot for you! But more about that later. Our youth program was started just a few years ago, when there was not even a national youth lacrosse league! Since then, our team has grown to eight members, including some of the most talented youth players in the country! Last gameday, our combination team with Amsterdam and Amersfoort (aptly named the Gromsterfoort Guardians) won three games in a row! Every Tuesday from 19:00- 20:30, you can join a youth training at Sportpark de Parrel (well, once you’re allowed again that is.)

So we are just a group of talented (and attractive) trainers right? WRONG! We also organize some events like clinics, parent evenings and gamedays, and we have to manage our own material and promotion! Last year, Lianne and Leanne helped us out with some of the non-training work, but now we need a replacement! (You perhaps? Just kidding… unless?)

Right now our most pressing issue is the increasing seniority on our team. Seriously! Our little warriors are growing up and we need some new younger members. Don’t worry, we’re working on it. I don’t want to tell you too much… every month there is an update about us in the newsletter 🙂

If you think you could help us out with some stuff, hit one of us up! Much love, Jeugdcie 2020-2021 <3