Zonder actieve leden gebeurt er natuurlijk niet zo veel bij een sportvereniging. Gelukkig hebben we die wel bij de Gladiators! Zij kunnen plaatsnemen in de onderstaande commissies. Bij deze een introductie van een aantal gezellige commissies!


Hello all! Also, this year there will be lots of monthly activities and these will be organized by this years’ new AcCie committee. Now let us introduce us to you:

Anneloes is our president and a tiny bit obsessed with dogs. If we ever go rock-climbing, she can build a wall because she’s our president and she will make the AcCie great again.

Rochelle, the only slytherin girl we trust with our finance. Don’t be fooled by her “innocence”, if you don’t listen she will send you a howler.

Thom, our second treasurer. As you may know a slytherin cannot be fully trusted, so he will help Rochelle out with the finance. As an archaeology student, he can even ‘dig up’ money if it magically vanishes.

Luc, during the day he might be a sheep in society. At night, he puts his sunglasses on and turns into a PARTY wolf.

Ilse, a considerate pedagogy student. You will find her in a different costume on every party. If you buy her a goat and she will love you forever.

Rike, she’s a German psychology student and our secretary. She makes sure we don’t forget what we discussed during our secret meetings. One important fact about her: She likes bacon.

With this group of guys and girls we hope to contribute to another amazing year with the gladiators! See you at the activities!

<3 AcCie ‘18/’19


Hi everyone! We are this year’s introcie!

This year, our job is to represent the gladiators during the introductory periods this year. This means that we will be present at the keiweek and ESN week to introduce the wonderful sport of lacrosse to the new students of Groningen.

Of course, for the new members we will be organizing the intro period. To introduce the old and new members to each other during the first three weeks, we will make sure there are dinners, social drinks and other fun activities to attend, with of course the barbecue at the end.

See you at ESN and KEI!

The introcie


Let’s meet the promo squat (or PR-ladies if you prefer a fancier term): Lotte, Laura, Anneloes and Saranne.

As a magic quartet we form this year’s PR committee and take care of the Gladiatior’s public relations. We will be the ones making sure you always are updated about what is happening in Groningen´s most amazing sport association!

Lotte – On the field she is so fast that you barely see her. With speed of light she runs up and down the field. We thought because she is a real mid-mid who always

has an overview it makes sense to make her our chairwoman who makes sure everyone fulfills their duties in time. As our motivational middle and one of our German Ls, she has an overview of what is going on. With her happy attitude she sure will always keep her squat motivated. When you want to make her happy let her choose what will be eating for dinner at the next committee meeting BUT don´t assign her the function of the chef, otherwise she will run away.

Laura is the second German Psychology student in the PR-cie. If you need someone to talk to, you should go to this girl! She has learned some nice tricks in her studies and is looking for a victim, uhm patient. Whenever she gets the chance this lady bakes her ass off and creates the nicest things in her small student oven. Laura is an open and happy girl who always has a smile on her face. Even though she is rather small, she could eat the biggest pizza there is and still be hungry afterwards. For that reason Laura is going to take care of our finances, to make sure we won’t spend all our money on wine and pizza. If that wasn’t already enough she also is going to keep you updated on Facebook about all the fun stuff we do as the Gladiators.

Next up is Anneloes! This lovely girl studies interactive media & technology and therefore is the editing heart of our committee. She will keep the website updated and you will probably see her taking pictures at the events with a fancy camera. She lives for coffee and has an irresistible smile. Having spent her last semester in Taiwan she is a real international PR lady who is outgoing and loves to meet new people. Motivated like crazy and with a real Gladiator attitude this party queen just fixed herself a room in Groningen! Which means she finally will be back for good and doesn’t rely on us anymore for food and shelter (just kidding, we’re very happy you have a place of your own now!). 13 Last but not least we have Saranne. As a self-devoted Hufflepuff this lady works her magic spells on our Instagram and makes sure all our members get informed about the club’s latest updates and events.

Saranne has a big heart and would never eat an animal. She is the kind of person who always smiles and as the goalie of team two she protects not only her two sheep and dog like a proud mum, but also makes sure no ball ever crosses the goal line. When she is not listening to the Beatles or Ed Sheeran she is out on the great big ocean sailing with her family or biking. (Last one comes in really handy when living in the Netherlands.)

Now that you know us, have a broad overview of who it will be spamming you on Facebook, Instagram and the website. So if you get a bunch of notifications on your phone it was probably one of us posting something important or supplying you with last night’s greatest intoxicated pictures.

Lots of love,

The PR-cie


Hello members of Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators!

Very excited I am to introduce you to this year’s GalaCie. Demi, Dipak, Max and Maarten are responsible for bringing you the always wonderful Gladiators gala.

Demi Deurloo is this year’s president, and as the only female she will make sure to keep these guys under control. She ensures the gala will be amazing with a lot of spark to it. Dipak Odedra will be undertaking the role of External Coordinator. “Most of you know me as someone who doesn’t play but shows up to the parties, and therefore I’ll be in charge of the logistics of the Gala to ensure everything is in place to have a quality evening! Maarten Hamming will be using his skills with numbers and experience from other committees to make sure the money for this year’s gala is handled well. Max Scott is the secretary of this year’s GalaCie. “Just like I hit hard playing defense for the Gladiators, my committee and I are going to make the Gala night hit you even harder. You’ll have such a fun time that the next morning you’ll wake up thinking you have a concussion.”

So, make a long story short, together we will make sure to make this a night you will never forget and with the theme announcement coming soon you will surely be as excited to go as we are to organize it!

We hope to see you all there.

GalaCie ‘18-‘19


We’re baaaack, and this time around with a new committee member! We never really felt like introducing ourselves, because as the popular kids in high school, everyone knows who we are. However due to the new change in the committee and that we have new Gladiators amongst us, it’s time that we properly introduce ourselves to you guys. What a relieve, am I right ? You can now finally put a face to the name. First let’s start with Lotte. Besides being a force to be reckoned with on the field, she is also one off the field. She is the president of the PrCie, member of the trainer committee and a beloved member of the youth committee. What can’t this girl do?! You can always find her at the practices, drinks and other activities of the club. Second member of the committee is Carolina. Just like Lotte she is also member of the trainers committee and youth committee, unlike her fellow committee member she is part of NLB’s ref committee. Go on, girl! You can always find her downing a tequila shot at the monthly drinks or find her at the weekly practices. She is well known for screaming “no walking on the field” during practices. And now on to our newest addition of the committee, Oscar! He is a freshman within the club, but that didn’t stop him of wanting to do something for the club he loves so much. As soon as he saw our advertisement, he mailed us and is now our proud new member of the committee. He is well known as being the goalie of the men’s team for stopping all the balls that are coming his way, but can also save lives. How cool is that ?! You can always find him at activities of the club having a good time. Together we keep the youth committee afloat by having weekly meetings with food or beer, or both present.

If you want to join our committee, but aren’t sure yet, just shoot one of us a message or a mail to We will give you more information of what we do and how you can help out.