Nothing is better for a good bond between students than playing sports together. For a fun sport experience, you can count on us for great clinics. We love showing everybody why we think lacrosse is the greatest sport ever. Lacrosse is a new, fast and tactical sport whose base can be quickly learned: ideal for a sports clinic.

Lacrosse is sport that can be played in men’s and women’s variants, but also by mixed groups. The rules between the ladies’ and gentlemen’s game differ clearly. The men wear head, shoulder, elbow, and hand protection because the sport is full-contact. The women only wear a mouthguard during this fast, tactical sport. The mix version is a variant between the two and thus ideal for study associations and schools, in which you learn the basics of lacrosse and play a little competition.

Lacrosse in the Netherlands is mainly practiced by students. The Gladiators provide one or two instructors (depending on the size of the group) and all gear such as sticks & goals needed. Whether you are 5 or with 30 people, success is guaranteed!

The two variants in which clinics are given are:

  • Mixed lacrosse: a non-contact form of lacrosse which can be played with men and women. Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators can give a mixed lacrosse clinic to groups up to 35 people.
  • Men’s lacrosse: a full contact variant which is generally played with only men. We provide a helmet, gloves, shoulder protection and elbow protection. Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators can give a men’s lacrosse clinic to groups up to 15 people.

For further information please email us at We hope to meet you soon on the sports field!