Fysiotherapie Noorderbad

Fysiotherapie Noorderbad is an enthousiastic team of physical and manual therapists in Groningen, all with their own specialisations. Fysiotherapie Noorderbad stands for high quality, accessible care. Attention for the patient is central and they always use the most modern techniques, including e-health.

We are proud to say that Fysiotherapie Noorderbad is our go-to for lacrosse injuries. Noorderbad also gives the club sponsor-money for every gladiator that uses their services. So going to Noorderbad also helps out the club 🙂 


Sportpodologie Henk Jager

Henk Jager makes special soles for sport. If you experience instability during training or in general, Henk Jager’s soles may be the solution. He makes sure that you can continue playing lacrosse while minimizing risk of injury. Check out his website for more info:

DressMe Clothing

DressMe is a clothing store for students. They print and embroid clothes for a very small price. Everything from shirts and hoodies to sportpants and jackets and more! As Gladiators we are very happy about the quality of the products. Gladiator members also receive 10% off for their purchases!