Zonder actieve leden gebeurt er natuurlijk niet zo veel bij een sportvereniging. Gelukkig hebben we die wel bij de Gladiators! Zij kunnen plaatsnemen in de onderstaande commissies. Bij deze een introductie van een aantal gezellige commissies!



 “No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.” With that in mind, we will create an unforgettable year filled with monthly activities. Make use of your athleticism at the lauwersloop, and show off your useless knowledge at the pubquiz. No tastebuds will remain untickled after the delicious Christmas feast and the running dinner. Let out your pent-up rage during the murdergame (No physical violence involved, you will only crush your teammates egos). Not too be confused with Rapunzel, Martin lets down his long gorgeous hair at all of our events! He is our president for this coming year and enjoys relaxing with a cold beer. He loves living with Thomas and dinosaurs! (nodinosaurs are currently living in the apartment, only in his dreams). Our secretary Anna really wants to make sure that we all can ‘let it go’ during these events, she studies communication, media, and design is ready to blow your mind. She loves getting involved with the community and bringing people together. We can’t wait for her too use her creativity, and paint each activity with all the colors of the wind. mAriëlle, after falling out of her boat at Aegir, (she actually never did capsize…) swam under the AcSea and found her feet at the gladiators!Do you wanna build an Iceman? Well, she has taken on the icy task of being this year’s IceMaster, so get your gloves out, let it go and be ready to down some Frozen Smirnoff Ice. Out of a lamp came Lianne, the genie of the AcCie, making the magic happen,she will be watching over our treasure to ensure maximum pleasure. Even though it’s her second year with the gladiators, she will show us all a whole new world full of activities. Last but not least our secretary Isla, sending out emails to her fellow gladiators (hoping that one day her frog will answer). Just because she doesn’t speak Dutch doesn’t mean she ain’t much,and even though she has the Hakuna but not quite the Matata, she will get down to business to defeat our hangovers.

These princesses (and one prince) will make sure there are no evil witches or mean stepmothers at any events. 

AcCie ’16-‘17



Dear members of Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators, It is an honour and a privilege to introduce to you the Committee for Outstanding Gala’s (in short COG) for the upcoming year. The COG will contain both female and male representatives for a balanced perspective. The testosterone will be injected by Gerrit Spriensma and Jeroen Bosveld. The estrogen on the other hand will be made available by Josie Anderson, Ranny Oun and Rojda Aslan. With all the respect to the previous GalaCie’s, this year will be the year, where everything will be better, bigger and more awesome. You are probably thinking; “Hmmm, what are these people going to do and I am really curious.” That is of course a great thought, but the plans are still in its infancy and thus, you have to wait a little bit before it all will be revealed. If you expect your wildest dreams, then you are not going to be disappointed. We keep in touch and prepare your mind to be blown.

Yours Sincerely,

COG ’16-’17



Hello all! Also this year, the IntroCie will ensure that the introduction time for all new members will run smoothly again. Therefore we naturally get new members first, so we will represent the Gladiators as great as possible on the sports market in the KEI-week. Hopefully we can all ensure that the club continues to grow, so that studying Groningen can no longer avoid us! We of course will organize a delicious barbecue to merge old and new members as plastic plates on hot coals ♥.

Who will do this? Maarten goes as PR man ready to promote our great association. Carolina has experience in IntroCie 2016, so she is entrusted with role of secretary, simply because she is already amazing in this field! To keep the finances somewhat in hand, Jens may shine as treasurer and Carlijn will chair to keep everyone under control. We hope to make an amazing new intro period!